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As of 22 June, WHO has reported over 3400 confirmed cases of monkeypox in 2022. Cases have been reported from 50 countries, with a majority being reported from non-endemic countries. The European region accounts for 86% of the reported cases and 11% of the cases have been detected in the Americas.

WHO continues to closely monitor the situation, and support international coordination and information sharing with Member States and partners.

Clinical and public health incident response have been activated by Member States to coordinate comprehensive case finding, contact tracing, laboratory investigation, isolation, clinical management and implementation of infection and prevention and control measures.

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Incident and inspection data on emerging risks to safety, continues to sharpen the compliance focus of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) with the release of its third consecutive National Compliance Plan on 1 July 2022.

Compliance focus areas for 2022-23 seek to improve compliance and maritime safety by analysing safety data to identify areas of concern. AMSA will prioritise its tailored compliance initiatives and allocate resources in the most efficient and effective way to achieve the best safety outcomes.

While these areas are our primary focus, we may broaden and adjust our efforts to other areas in response to new data and emerging trends

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Stakeholders in the maritime industry have warned that with over 70% of Nigerian seafarers out of job, there could be an increase in piracy attacks in the nation’s waters.

Stakeholders gave the warning during the Day of Seafarers, with the Secretary General of Merchant Seafarers Association of Nigeria, Captain Alfred Oniye, said the base line for insecurity on the nation’s waters is unemployment of seafarers, noting that when the government trains people to be professionals and does not give them jobs, they turn to attacking vessels.

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Lebanon’s Hezbollah said that it had sent three unarmed drones towards an Israeli Mediterranean gas rig, which the Israeli military said it intercepted.

The Iranian-backed Shi’ite armed group said the drones launched towards the Karish gas field, had been on a reconnaissance mission.

Commenting on the incident, Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz said Hezbollah was “preventing the state of Lebanon from reaching an agreement regarding maritime borders, which are critical to the economy and prosperity of the Lebanese nation.”

In fact, the Israeli military said its forces had intercepted “three hostile UAVs which approached the airspace over Israel’s economic waters.” 

Furthermore, an Israeli security source also said the drones had been unarmed.