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Typically water sensitive cargoes like grain, steel, fertilizer, ores etc are transported on dry cargo vessels. In order to allow a swift intake and facilitate easy discharge of the above commodities, these vessels are equipped with hatch covers.

In case large amounts of water should penetrate the ship’s hatch covers, both ship and crew could be in danger but limited water ingress would normally not cause a safety problem for the ship.

However, from a cargo quality point of view, even small amounts of water can ruin a cargo
and cause commercial havoc. In general, one can say that the Class and statutory rules and associated inspections will mainly look to the safety of the vessel and crew. The industry (charterers, shippers, receivers, underwriters,) will take statutory and class compliance for granted and will focus more on the commercial aspects of carrying goods by sea.

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ClassNK will add the function for SEEMP Part III development to its ClassNK MRV Portal on 2 August.

With the start of the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) rating in 2023, it is required for ships of 5,000GT and above engaged in the international voyage to develop a ship operational carbon intensity plan (SEEMP Part III) with the IMO designating format, which should include CII calculation methodology, required CII values over the next three years, an implementation plan for achieving the required CII and procedures for self-evaluation and improvement. The plan should be confirmed by the flag administration or RO within 2022.

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The Information Sharing Centre (ISC) has released its Half Yearly Report 2022 for the period of January to June.

Atotal of 42 incidents (comprising 40 actual and 2 attempted) of armed robbery against ships (occurred in internal waters, archipelagic waters and territorial seas) were reported in Asia during January to June 2022.

This represents an 11% increase compared to 38 incidents reported during the same period in 2021.

The severity level of the actual incidents are as follows:

  • One Category 2 incident (same as in 2021)
  • 10 Category 3 incidents (same as in 2021)
  • 29 Category 4 incidents (25 incidents during same period in 2021)

Increase of incidents

  • 27 incidents were reported in SS (20 incidents were reported during the period of January to June 2021). The SS remains an area of concern.
  • Three incidents were reported at Chattogram Anchorages, Bangladesh (no incident was reported during the same period in 2021).

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A marine pilot at the port of Yalova, Turkey died on July 18 after falling from a pilot ladder into the water.

The pilot was out at the Ciftlikkoy anchorage area off Yalova in order to meet with the tanker Alhena.

His pilot boat came alongside the tanker and he transferred over to the pilot ladder. However, after reaching the ladder he fell into the water, as local media reported.

A police response boat recovered the pilot who was unconscious and brought him to shore, where he was treated by paramedics and transferred to Yalova State Hospital.

However, despite doctors’ attempts to revive him, he passed away.

According to CNN Turkey, the pilot may have suffered a heart attack while he was on the ladder, then fell into the sea.