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According to the information released by the Qingdao government, the clean of Enteromorpha around Qingdao waters has been carrying out since 19 May 2022.

The fishing operation is prohibited from 1 May to 1 September every year, a large number of fishing boats have been dispatched to clean up Qingdao waters, which may have a significant impact on navigational safety.

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Lessons learned from an incident that involved damage to bulwarks, during the over boarding of a mattress stack using a mattress frame.

The incident

During the over boarding of a mattress stack (3x 150mm mattresses) using a mattress frame, the mattresses made contact with the port side bulwarks causing damage.  Before and during the lift, the weather conditions were suitable for the operation.

As the load was lifted outboard, a swell caused vessel motion which led to a pendulum effect on the mattresses. The mattresses then hit the port side bulwarks causing damage.  No-one was injured.

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Two tankers, “Amelia” and “Tanab” collided off Karystos, Greece. First information reports that no crew was injured, while there was no pollution as well.

The Malaysia-flagged “Amelia” was carrying 24 crew at the time of the incident, and the Malta-flagged “Tanab” 16. All of them are now reported safe.

After the collision, boats of the Greek Coast went on the scene to investigate. After some time, the Masters of the ships assured the authorities that the tankers could sail on their own power.

However, the ships are not yet allowed to leave, awaiting confirmation for their seaworthiness.

At the time of the collision, “Amelia” was carrying 30.000 metric tons of gasoil.

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An increasing number of requests from members who are considering the use of Y-splitters in order to increase the reefer capacity on their containerships beyond their designed limit. However, when doing so, there is a risk of overloading the power cables. This would generate excess heat and increase the potential of fire.

This risk is further enhanced by the absence of frequent monitoring and review, of the condition of the extra cabling, sockets, plugs and reefers by the crew. The club fully understands the commercial attractiveness of such opportunity and, as always, is willing to support members to manage and mitigate their risks. This article is aimed at providing considerations that members should have in mind when conducting their own risk assessment for carriage of additional reefers beyond the ship’s designated capacity.