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Reporting indicates that the OSV TAMPEN was boarded resulting in the disappearance of one crew member presumed kidnapped, as Dryad Global informed.

Reporting indicates that when anchored at the Libreville anchorage area, the OSV TAMPEN was boarded by unknown armed men.

Updates indicate that the vessel was boarded by 3 armed men. Upon boarding it is understood that the crew engaged with the pirates in a bid to repel the attack. Two crew members are confirmed to have sustained injuries and are understood to be receiving treatment in hospital. At least one individual is understood to have sustained a gunshot wound.

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After an attack on an OSV in Gabon over the weekend, new information suggests that the vessel may have been targeted with local authorities investigating people that were hired onshore to provide services to the vessel.

More specifically, family members of the crew as well as a representative of the management company Proactive Ship Management confirmed the violent nature of the attack.

As they said, the boarders came aboard shortly on September 5 and were reportedly armed with Ak-47s. They also opened fire when the Indian crew attempted to fight back. As a result, the ship’s chief officer and cook suffered multiple gunshot wounds and were taken to a hospital.

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The insurgency in the Cabo Delgado province of Mozambique has been placed firmly in the international spotlight as it also poses a maritime threat.

More specifically, Mozambique’s future economy relies heavily on maintaining a safe offshore domain. For this reason, the government is called to use every opportunity to build the required capacity and partnerships to maintain the rule of law at sea.

However, bringing gas production on line has been severely disrupted because of the insurgency. In fact, much of the landward activity and construction of infrastructure has come to a standstill.

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The Information Fusion Centre (IFC) observed a spike in number of sea robbery and sea theft incidents in Manilla South Harbour Anchorage, Philippines, between April and August 2021.

Specifically, the 10 incidents recorded consist of six sea thefts and four sea robberies. Of note, the perpetrators involved in the latest four incidents were armed with weapons (gun or knife) and demonstrated a significant degree of violence against the crew.

There has been an observed increase in incidents within the Quarantine Anchorage in Manila this year, of which 80% targeted container vessels at night, with an increase in confrontation between the perpetrators and crew than previously observed. This Spot Commentary aims to provide awareness on this area of concern, including analytical insights into the incidents and the perpetrators’ observed modus operandi.