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On March 15, a barge collided with docks and homes near the seaside town of Gig Harbour, Washington. Initial information reports that the captain of the tug fell asleep while on watch.

More specifically, watch standers at Sector Puget Sound received notice from the county emergency dispatch service that an unmanned gravel barge, collided with several privately-owned docks and residences.

During the collision the barge was empty, and it was pulled free by the tug. Neither the tug nor the barge reported serious damages, returning to Seattle for investigation.

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Unconfirmed Iranian media report that the Iran-flagged container vessel ‘Shahr E Kord’ has suffered an explosion while operating in the Eastern Mediterranean off Haifa.

According to Dryad Global, unverified imagery indicates that an explosion took place within one or more central containers in the forward portion of the vessel.

Imagery also shows crew members with firefighting equipment, as well as the debris of a destroyed container. More images show significant signs of overpressure and peeling, indicative of a possibility that the explosion originated from within the container.

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At least two people lost their lives as the Comoros-flagged freighter 'Volgo Balt 179' with 13 sailors onboard sank on March 11, in the Black Sea near the Romanian coast.

According to local media, ten sailors were rescued, with search and rescue work trying to find the last crew member.

The ship sank 70 nautical miles from the port of Constanta, Romania's main seaport, probably because of a storm that took place offshore.

A Romanian tugboat was in the vicinity and rescue operations began immediately.

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The Maltese-flagged bulk carrier Afina I has collided with Liberia-flagged bulker Kiveli off Kythira island, Greece, with both ships reporting water ingress.

As the Greek Coast Guard informs, after the incident it sent several patrol boats and anti-pollution vessels, reporting no marine pollution.

In addition, several precautionary measures have been undertaken to address any potential pollution from the collision, while a private company has been assigned by the shipowners to protect the marine environment.

No injuries reported were report as well to the crews of the two vessels. During the collision, Afina I was carrying 18 crew members, while Kiveli had 24 seafarers on board.

Currently, the ships are at anchor at Neapoli Anchorage, Greece, with support vessels at their side assessing the situation.

Finally, anti-pollution booms have also been placed around the vessels to prevent any pollution.