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From the 1 September 2021, the Indian Ocean High Risk Area boundaries will change. The boundary changes reflect the changed nature of the piracy threat.

The new coordinates of the HRA are: From position A (Latitude of 01 30’S on the Somali coast), a line to:

  • Position B (01° 30’ S – 046° 00’ E), a line to
  • Position C (01° 00’ N – 049° 30’ E), a line to
  • Position D (09° 00’ N – 055° 00’ E), a line to
  • Position E (14° 20’ N – 057° 30’ E), a line to
  • Position F (the Yemen coast at longitude 053° 00’ E), then
  • Follow the Yemeni coast westwards and northwards, to
  • Position G (the Yemeni Red Sea coast at latitude 15° 00’ N), then a line to
  • Position H (the Eritrea territorial sea border at latitude 15° 00’ N), then
  • Follow southwards first Eritrea’s and then Djibouti’s territorial sea borders, to
  • Position I (the coastal border point between Djibouti and Somalia), then
  • Follow the Somali coast eastwards and then southwards, to Position A

Full advisory at the following link:

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A total of two armed robberies against ships in Asia last week

In its weekly report for 10-16 Aug, two incidents of armed robbery against ships in Asia, including one incident to a container ship while anchored off South Harbour Anchorage Area, Manila, Philippines and another one to a bulk carrier while berthed at Haldia Port, India on 13 July.

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Five persons were abducted in the early hours of Tuesday, August 10, 2021 along the Bonny River close to the Federal Ocean Terminal, Onne.

According to Dryad Global, the Officer-in-Charge of the Marine Police, Bonny, Solomon Adeniyi, a Superintendent of Police, who confirmed this, disclosed that “five people were kidnapped after Onne in a 10-passenger speedboat around 0730Hours this morning”.

He further informed that the victims were “two females and three males,” clarifying that “based on jurisdiction, the incident has been reported to the Marine Police in Port Harcourt by the boat driver, while we assist them to rescue the victims”.

An official of the Bonny Youth Federation (BYF), who prefers anonymity further revealed that the attacked speedboat was “a one outboard engine powered speedboat that carries 10 passengers which was on its way from Bonny to Port Harcourt this morning”.

He narrated that five of the passengers were abducted and the other passengers allowed to continue the journey to Port Harcourt, adding that the abductees were yet to be identified and their destination yet unknown.

Recall that since the Isaka 12 incident in January, the Bonny-Port Harcourt sea route has been quiet from attacks of sea pirates until this morning’s incident.

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The Marine Safety Forum published a Safety Alert relating to a person who was injured as a result of being suspended in a safety harness during a rescue at height drill.

The incident

For the purpose of a rescue at height drill a person on the main deck suspended himself 1.5 meters from the deck in a safety harness with a ladder nearby, while crew gathered on the bridge.  After contacting crew on the bridge by radio the person in the safety harness stepped on the ladder for a second time to reposition the safety harness. After this the person pretended to fall off the ladder to make it look like a real situation for rescue.

A fall arrestor was used for lifting the person to disconnect him from the sling he was hanging on.  Whilst being lifted, the person lost consciousness.  At this time the crew members on deck were not sure if the situation was real, or ‘played’ as a scene for the drill?

However, once lowered to the deck the crew discovered blood coming from his mouth and realized the situation was for real!  First aid was given.  Further medical treatment was immediately carried out including medical oxygen, and the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) was connected for heart monitoring.