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The Ultra Large Container Ship, MSC Tina, hit a pier as it was manoeuvring into the port of Ambarli, Istanbul, on March 27, suffering significant damage.

According to sources, the ship suffered heavy damage on its side, while the pier also reported damages.

Giving more information on the incident, the General Directorate of Maritime Affairs, noted that the collision took place as the Liberia flagged MSC Tina was docking conducting a manoeuvre in Ambarli.

After the incident, the ship went to the Ambarli Demir area for further investigation, and assess the damage.

There have been no reports of injury to the crew, nor water pollution.

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An Israeli ship was reportedly damaged after explosion in an Iranian missile attack while sailing through the Arabian Sea towards India, according to reports from Hebrew-language broadcaster Channel 12.

The incident was reported to Israel’s Defence Ministry, which notified the shipping company located in the port city of Haifa. The vessel is reported to have continued inbound Mundra with no casualties reported.

Reports say the vessel is suspected to be the container vessel MT LORI. Details remain unclear regarding the precise nature of the incident, but if confirmed, this would be the second incident involving the targeting of an Israeli-owned vessel with the last attack alleged by Iran, against the MV HELIOS RAY on 25 February.

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The incident

A container vessel was awaiting instructions for when to enter the port. During the wait the Chief Officer made the decision to carry out repairs to the cell guides in one of the cargo holds. The engine fitter and an AB began to prepare the welding job for the cell guides.

Before the welding commenced a risk assessment and hot work permit were completed. As per the hot work permit, fire extinguishers were in place and one AB was the designated fire watch. The Chief Officer approved the job and was also present.

The engine fitter began to smell burned rubber, and on investigation saw that a container had caught fire. In the vicinity were a couple of oxygen and acetylene bottles which the engine fitter moved to safety.

The Chief Officer ordered everyone to evacuate the cargo hold and informed the bridge that a container had caught fire. The general alarm was sounded and a fire team assembled and began boundary cooling.

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In its recently issued Safety Flashes, International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) analyse a case where a piece of timber fell from a crane jib and landed on deck, during crane operations.

The incident

A piece of timber fell from a crane jib and landed on deck.  The main crane on the vessel was being prepared for lifting operations by four deck crew and the crane operator.  When the crane hooks were disconnected, the deck crew moved clear to allow the crane operator to start luffing the jib from the cradle.  As the jib was slewing around, the crane operator observed an object fall from a height of approximately 10 metres to the main deck. No-one was nearby – the nearest crew were 15m away from where it landed.  The dropped object was identified as a piece of timber, weighing 7.6kg. This had been used in a temporary repair of the dunnage on the boom rest.