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Armed guards are being put on ships as they arrive at the outer anchorage of Douala Port in Cameroon.

The Port Authority announced in late August that all vessels would be provided with an armed security team at Base Buoy (B9).

It said the guards would remain with the vessels until they berthed.

‘The operation is totally free and will be conducted for an indefinite period,’ said a notice from the harbour master.

It said the guards were there for the vessels’ protection.

Reports say three armed guards are being provided for each ship.

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Image Courtesy: St. Simons Sound Response

A Unified Command responsible for the response and salvage efforts for capsized cargo vessel Golden Ray has continued operations after they were previously halted due to weather conditions.

The Hyundai Glovis-operated vessel started listing heavily after it became disabled on September 8. Of the 24 persons on board, 20 were evacuated immediately while the remaining four were extracted in a subsequent operation.

A Unified Command, consisting of the U.S. Coast Guard, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and Gallagher Marine Systems, was formed on September 11 with the aim of ensuring the safety of the public and responders and facilitating the eventual salvage and safe removal of the vessel.

After being temporarily suspended due to heavy weather from Hurricane Humberto, operations resumed in full on September 16, with teams deploying response equipment and continuing salvage operations.

“We currently have approximately 160 local, state, and federal responders here to protect public health and the environment,” John Maddox, State on Scene Coordinator, said.

The command said that no impacts on air quality have been detected to date, and a water-quality monitoring plan is being developed.