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The Philippines authorities rescued four crew members, who were kidnapped from a Malaysian-registered fishing trawler by Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) members, while operating off Sabah in January 2020.

On the night of 18 March 2021, four victims of a sea mishap were rescued from a Jungkong-type watercraft that had capsized in the vicinity waters off Pasigan Laut Island, South Ubian, Tawi-Tawi, the Philippines.

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While anchored at Callao Anchorage Area "1", Peru, on 16 March, the Hong Kong-flagged bulk carrier 'Baker River' was boarded and robbed by armed perpetrators, who threatened and tied a crew member.

In its weekly report for 16-22 March, which records no incidents of piracy or armed robbery against ships in Asia, but informs of this incident in Peru.

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A total of 15 crew members were kidnapped from the Maltese-flagged tanker MT DAVIDE B, after the vessel was boarded by 9 armed individuals off Benin, in the Gulf of Guinea.

The Maltese-flagged oil/chemical tanker was about 213 nm South of Cotonou, Benin, with 21 crew members onboard, including Ukrainian, Romanian and Philippine nationals,

The vessel can be seen transiting ENE at 9.6kts, course 65° before its speed falls to 2.9kts and AIS signal is lost.

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As part of its Safety Flashes, IMCA describes a fatality of a crew member onboard, after stored metal plates fell on him during an inspection by third party sub-contractors.

The incident

Third-party sub-contractors on a vessel were inspecting a sling that was wrapped around five metal plates.

The plates were situated on two pieces of wood, positioned lengthwise on their edge and against a stanchion on the deck. The plates were secured to the stanchion by a ratchet strap.