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The challenges surrounding marine insurance claims such as the rise of damaged cargo and the increase of containerships fires, while discussed about how the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the risk environment around the high value and temperature-sensitive goods and how shipping industry is affected in several ways.

What is more, panellists noted that the container shipping industry has been also affected by the coronavirus due to the increased congestion at the ports. Starting from the Asian ports, the congestion situation has been spread to most of the ports around the global. Following the ports’ congestion, the delays on discharge of cargoes – in many cases featuring refrigerated cargo and sensitive goods – bring major financial losses.

Apart from the cruise sector, liner trades have been also facing difficulties. “While there are issues with damaged and sensitive goods, it is so easy to try and blame the ship or the carrier for those problems. A small delay somewhere else in the supply chain has probably caused the issue. The congestion in the ports, or the delays of crew changes and the quarantine issues are not carriers’ fault.”, Mr. Gordon Robertson from North of England P&I Club, marked.

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A Dutch-registered containership was doing circles in the North Sea off the Wadden Islands after the ship’s rudder apparently got stuck.

The Netherlands Coastguard says it spotted the ship about 17.5 kilometres from the island of Vlieland at about 9 p.m. on Tuesday.

The ship is the MV Escape, a 168-meter-long containership built in 2011.

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 An Iranian cargo ship has come under attack in the Red Sea, Al Arabiya TV reported on Tuesday, quoting unnamed sources, and semi-official Iranian news agency Tasnim said the vessel was targeted by a limpet mine.

Al Arabiya cited the sources as saying the vessel was attacked off the coast of Eritrea and was affiliated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, but provided no evidence to support the assertion.

Tasnim identified the ship as the Iran Saviz. “The vessel Iran Saviz has been stationed in the Red Sea for the past few years to support Iranian commandos sent on commercial vessel (anti-piracy) escort missions,” it reported.

Reuters could not independently verify the report. Iranian officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

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The container vessel “Ever Given” grounded in the Suez Canal at about 0540 UTC on 23 March 2021 as it was transiting northbound through the canal en-route to Rotterdam, Netherlands. Thankfully all the crew are safe and accounted for and there have been no reports of pollution or cargo damage.

Efforts are currently underway to safely re-float the vessel and to allow marine traffic in the Suez Canal to resume but in the meantime a sizeable backlog of vessels waiting at either end of the Canal has built up and others are considering whether to re-route around the Cape of Good Hope.