A pirate attack took place against the OSV Crest Tarasco, belonging to the Protexa company, which carries out work in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to sources, a group of at least five heavily armed people illegally boarded the ship off the coast of Dos Bocas, Tabasco, obtaining loot consisting of tools, communication equipment and 35 autonomous breathing apparatus.

The attack took place when personnel warned of the presence of a boat with an outboard motor in the vicinity of the ship. The pirates boarded the ship carrying weapons, firing several shots into the air to intimidate the crew.

The crew took refuge in rooms below the deck to avoid being taken as hostages or being injured by the criminals.

No crew was injured, although they pointed out that the insecurity that exists in the Gulf of Mexico is increasing, which is why fear grows for the integrity of the workers who work, not only on the boats, but also on offshore platforms.