The Marine Safety Forum (MSF) reported an incident in which someone was injured during a drill.

The incident

Crew on a vessel were undertaking a programme of drills and exercises. A stretcher and casualty handling drill were being conducted on-board the vessels daughter craft when the incident occurred.

As part of the scenario and setting the scene, one person was to close the door of the daughter craft. He placed his right hand on the inner door frame not realising that his thumb was overlapping on the inside of the frame. He used his left hand to close the door with force, entrapping his right thumb and inflicting a severe open fracture. His wound was cleaned and dressed, and he was subsequently medevac’d to shore.

Probable cause

Subsequent investigation determined that the root cause was lack of situational awareness and poor judgement. Though a very experienced seafarer, he “got carried away” – he had lost focus on his own actions and was concerned with ensuring that the exercise was being completed correctly.


  • Check whether door design can be amended to assess potential preventative measures;
  • Use a ‘Time Out for Safety’ to highlight the trapping point and raising awareness of the potential hazard on the cabin door frame.