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Information Fusion Centre (IFC) released its latest infographic, providing an overview of incidents against ships in the Singapore Strait as of 5 October 2021.

According to the infographic below, there are a total of 2 incidents that happened in the month of September, which occurred in the eastbound lane of the Traffic Separation Scheme in the Singapore Strait. 

Of note, in one incident, perpetrator reportedly carried a gun-like object.

To date, IFC has marked a total of 26 incidents in the region in 2021, which is higher compared to 2020 with 22 incidents and to 2019 with 15 incidents over the same

Modus Operandi

-Perpetrators usually:

  • are in group of average 4-6 pax;
  • use small boats, target slow-moving vessels (7-12knots) with low freeboard.

-Perpetrators on cargo ships, bulk carriers and tankers:

  • May be armed with weapons like knives and steel bars;
  • Usually target ship’s engine parts and stores;
  • Same group of perpetrators may target few vessels in succession, in same night.

-Perpetrators on Tugs & Barges:

  • Usually unarmed;
  • Usually target ship’s parts and scrap metal.


  • Remain vigilant, even in daylight hrs; report suspicious activities to local authorities immediately and inform IFC;
  • Participate in Voluntary Community Reporting as depicted in MARSEC Charts Q6112 and Q6113;
  • Adopt ship protection measures recommended in the regional guide to counter piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia, such as illuminating the accommodation block and poop deck and deploying sentries at poop deck.