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17 passengers are missing as a ship sank off Liberia, on the night of 17-18 July.

As of now, there have been search and rescue operations, with Liberia’s Maritime Authority Commissioner Eugene Lenn Nagbe stating that the operations have found a total of 11 people.

Local authorities received a distress signal from the ship, but until the authorities reached the accident area, the ship had sunk partially.

It is not certain how did not meet safety regulations but still managed to sail with passengers and cargo. In fact, the ship wasn’t licensed or authorised to carry passengers.

The records of the ship show that a total of 18 people was on board, but officials state that it is difficult to determine the precise number of missing passengers.

Finally, Liberia’s coast guard also collaborated with a ship from the anti-whaling organisation Sea Shepherd to search for nearby shores and the riverbanks.