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One seafarer died and another one was injured following the failure of an overhead monorail provision crane aboard an RMI-flagged 2014-built Ultramar bulk carrier, the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) informed.

The incident occurred as the monorail crane was being used to lower a load (which weighed less than 10% of the safe working load) to the berth, when the entire hoisting arrangement fell from the overhead monorail, a new Marine Safety Advisory says.

Although the investigation into this casualty is ongoing, the RMI Administrator provided preliminary details for awareness and the following recommendations:

  1. all overhead monorail provision cranes be visually inspected for any signs of damage, deterioration, or other defects, with particular attention to the mounting/fixing arrangements;
  2. any overhead monorail provision crane found to have suspected damage, deterioration, or critical defects be taken out of service until properly assessed, load tested, and/or repaired; and
  3. all crewmembers aboard RMI-flagged ships be reminded of the importance of staying clear of suspended loads.