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The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) launched the Engine Room Procedures Guide, to address the design, complexity, and arrangement of engine rooms and provide safety notes for the operations taking place.

Accordingly, the Guide provides authoritative and comprehensive guidance on engine room procedures, to ensure that ships’ engine rooms are operated and managed safely while at the same time continuing to protect the environment.

The Chamber recommends that there is a copy of the Guide carries onboard every merchant ship.

Engine rooms are complex and come with great risks for those operating there; Engine room fires are in the spotlight as a serious phenomenon, with the industry constantly looking for solutions to address this matter.

Sunil Krishnakumar, Senior Technical Adviser at ICS and project leader commented that

Engine rooms are complex environments where even minor mistakes can have serious consequences. With clear information on simple yet vital procedures, following the guidance in the Engine Room Procedures Guide can avoid costly damages running into millions – and more importantly loss of life.

In addition, the Guide includes routine engine room procedures and also includes useful checklists for the ship’s engineering team. It provides clear guidance on safe and environmentally responsible engine room operation and maintenance, supporting internationally agreed standards and recommendations adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

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